Murray Harper - European Relocation Services



1) Why should I choose Murray Harper from among all the removal firms in the area?

Firstly, we are one of only a handful of companies with guaranteed dates of departure and arrival between Spain and the UK.

Secondly, all transport and work is undertaken only by Murray Harper staff and vehicles.

We have specialized in Spanish removals for many years. Therefore, we have total confidence that when we take on a job we can be sure it will be finished in a conclusive and professional way.

2) How and when can I get an accurate price quotation?

This web site contains an estimates page on which you can specify your requirements.
A detailed list of goods that you are interested in sending to your destination is our minimum requirement for providing you with a price.
Company policy, however, is that you only pay for the room you use, which experience shows is a fair and cost-effective form of trading for our clients, old and new.

3) How do I know that my possessions will be safe and secure after they are collected from my premises?

Murray Harper only uses its own vehicles and personnel, and all goods are kept and transported in our vehicles only. Also, every item is labelled clearly and numbered on a full inventory list of which the client gets a copy along with a receipt of the goods. 
For peace of mind, Murray Harper has a comprehensive goods-in-transit insurance policy that is included in the cost.

4) How will I know exactly where my goods are and when they will arrive at their destination?

Murray Harper operates on a guaranteed scheduled delivery and collection service. 
Our departure and arrival dates in the UK and Spain are well-advertised so the customer can plan in advance around our dates.
All Murray Harper staff have mobile phones with them at all times for ease of communication.

5) What help can I get with packing and wrapping?

Murray Harper offers a full packing service with crates made to order on request. 
Murray Harper carries a full range of packing materials at all times that are available for sale to the general public without the obligation of having to use our services.

6) Can you advise re. storage?

On all international moves (UK-Costa del Sol, Costa del Sol-UK, and South-West France) there is a 2-week built-in storage period free of charge. 
In Estepona, Murray Harper offers an extensive range of storage situations for your convenience and peace of mind (please see section on ‘Storage’).

7) Does a door-to-door service mean collecting the goods from my house and delivering/distributing the goods inside the destination property?

Murray Harper does request information concerning access for a commercial vehicle to enter or at least arrive within close proximity to the collection and delivery points. 
We like to know this information in advance so we can price and plan our strategy, ensuring that all goods arrive in their correct destination, to the customer’s complete satisfaction.